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DELL XPS 14 Ultrabook: Crashed

Hi everyone, I'm actually typing this from my iPad because my $1400 ultra book is currently out of commission. Here's what happened... Went onto the dell web page with the drivers for my laptop to get the latest drivers, since they don't update automatically. I saw that I needed to update the BIOS. I downloaded and ran the file as I usually do and I got some sort of warning saying the flash memory was bad and my unit crashed. Blue screen resulted. However, usually when I get blue screens (it has happened other times for different reasons) I just turn it off and reboot. Sadly this time I was actually unable to turn the unit off. Nothing worked and the battery is not removable. I ended up leaving it unplugged and it shut off when it ran out of battery. I plugged it back in and it's been charging for four hours but will not turn on. The charging light comes on but that's it. No response from keyboard, screen, etc. The phone people said its my mother board and are sending someone to replace it. Do people agree? I want to know at what point my unit will be replaced. It's had other issues as well, all documented with Dell. The fan and heat sink had to be replaced, the hard drive is constantly making loud noises, the system blue screens if you plug any peripherals into one of the USB ports. Thanks for the help!
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