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Precision M6500 Heat & Shutdown Problem

My M6500 Precision has a serious heat problem.... a few things happening:

  1. Many times when Windows 7 does updates when I'm shutting down for the night, then the next day I turn it on, some of the updates are initiating. But the fans are going like a bat out of hell and the CPU's are going full on and the heat gets way up there into the 90*C range.
  2. Recently, after the system is in sleep, and turn the sytem back on, it shows a message about heat and it did a shutdown. After the system is testing itself, it doesn't finish and it does an emergency shut down.
  3. Doesn't take much to get the fans going like crazy and for a long time now, the back of the laptop is extremely hot and never cools down.
Call me crazy, but it started to do this in the last 8 months, but unfortunately, with the current heat issues I'm experiencing now, it's shutting down often from heat. I also notice svhost is running several instances, one in particular is a system svhost at 210K or more in size....and this isn't even when I started to do anything. 
The other unfortunate thing is that this system is 3+ years old now and the support package is done.
Any ideas?
The system is:
Processor: I7-720QM
two solid states 60 GB each
ATI Graphics FirePro
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