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RE: Precision M6500 Heat & Shutdown Problem

I forgot about this posting I did....anyway, good timing on your post because today I started up my M6500 (it's been a while) and sure enough, HOT HOT shutdown and fans going crazy. So I Googled and found this old post of mine and your answer.

Sure enough, my heat sink grille was filled like your photo. 

Taking this machine apart was a serious job that was annoying as hell, especially putting it back ending up with 2 screws left out.

You would think for a machine like this and the cost of it, they would have better filtering and easier cleaning of it.

Anyway, thanks for posting because now my machine (which I use as a backup to my M6700) is running quiet and the temp hangs around 45*C to 60*C instead of 80-100

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