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RE: Dell XPS 15z : "Your battery is temporarily disabled. Please turn off your computer and try again when the unit is back to the operational temperature"

I just fixed mine with the SAME issue.  Unplug the laptop and take out your battery.  Power down.  By the way....I have already bought a new power cord and battery and to no avail, it did not work.  I went into bios and checked my ac adapter...they were already enabled.  I even checked my pin on my old and new power cords to make sure they were lined up perfectly centered.  My problem was such a simple fix.  My computer was given back to me as a family member got a newer model (from me and Dell) and so I got their older model.  Their was dust in the charging HOLE and battery compartment.  After all I had done, it only took a can of air to blow out the charging hole and battery compartment and worked like a charm.Give it a try.

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