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RE: Dell Studio 1555 Will Not Turn On

Hi All,

I also have the Studio 1555 series laptop, purchased it 5 years back. I have seen the same kind of problem with the other users as well. It worked fine last night but when woke up the next day, laptop won't turn up.

This kind of problem could be due to the residual charge of capacitors (basically the capacitor is overcharged) in the motherboard as suggested by Sujatha, so we need to drain it down. With the very malfunction other problems arise as well. My system suddenly turns off, it goes in sleep mode all of a sudden and other problems as well. So the first-aid we can give at home is to drain down the charge of capacitors.

As suggested by Dell Experts, take all the peripheral devices out (even the battery) and press the power button continuously for 30 seconds. Plug the AC Adapter and wait for 30 seconds. Sometimes it may take long to discharge so you can increase the time for both process or redo both multiple times.

For me it worked and I am very thankful to the Dell Experts.

Thank you everyone !!

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