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X200 won't boot, won't power up correctly, screen blank, speakers click repeatedly

My X200 never successfully turns on.

When I press the power button, within about 3 seconds, the speakers (under the palm rest) start clicking.  It's very regular:  click (wait about 1/5 second) click (wait about 4/5 second) then the pattern repeats, continuously.

Meanwhile, the screen remains dark and blank.  No sign of the backlight at all.  And even if I shine a bright light on the screen, I can't see any sign of text, graphics, or anything else... the LCD is completely blank.

At first I had thought the clicking was the HD, so I even removed that.  Then when I heard the clicking again, I realized it was the speakers.  So I discovered that removing the HD does not affect the problem.

I swapped out the RAM from a known good machine... no change.

And there are no beeps...  I don't think POST is running at all.

Has anyone else had this same set of symptoms?

Thanks in advance!

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