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Re: X200 won't boot, won't power up correctly, screen blank, speakers click repeatedly


Thanks for the test procedure.  My results are as follows.

Upon pressing the power button, as before, the Power LED came on and stayed on.  

Also, immediately, all three LEDs (Caps, Num, Scroll) flashed briefly, one time only, together (i.e. NOT sequentially).  Since this was immediate, I don't think there was enough time for POST to run.  These three LEDs never flashed again.

Also, as soon as I pressed the power button, the speakers started the click (200 ms) click (800 ms) ... repeat ... sequence.

An external monitor remained black, no video displayed from the X200 monitor port.  [Fn]+[F8] had no effect on the external monitor.

I then need to hold the Power button for about three seconds in order to power down the system.


I'm suspecting that this is a hardware problem.  I don't remember clearly the boot sequence, but I *think* that normally the backlight came on within a roughly second after pressing the power button.  (At least that is what happens on a different - good - computer, a C400).  So if the inverter board has developed a primary short circuit, perhaps as soon as power is applied (from the mother board) the short circuit causes a problem with the power buss, and then the boot sequence tries to restart.  (But note that the Power LED stays on continuously and never blinks or flickers.)


Please let me know if the above results help with a diagnosis.  And also, what do you think about the inverter board as a culprit?

Thanks again!

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