Hi Saharsh,

First of all, thanks for the help but I think I need more help because issue is not resolved yet. I ran the diagnostics as you mentioned. It didn't come up with any kind of errors. I have run the  virus scan using Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 but no viruses at all. I ran the windows update but didn't detect any update for drivers. I checked the Dell website for updated drivers but it didn't come up with any. I tried what I could do well but everything in vain. nothing worked.

I think there is a problem with WI-FI driver. I give you the explanation step by step as follows:

1. Laptop is connected through wifi. working fine.

2. lets suppose, router got turned off. wifi will be disconnected from the laptop.

3. here is the problem, once the router will be on.. laptop will not connect to wifi... even I wouldn't be able to open the options for networking and sharing center.

4. Then, I will try to restart the system but It will be stuck at logging off screen... i.e. it will not restart unless or until I don't press the power button for a while to turn it off.

This is all the detail mate. Please help me. I'm literally fed up with this unusual behaviour of my laptop..

Thanks & Best Regards,


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