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RE: Weird Fan Behavior E6540 (A02 Bios)

I have had the same problem with my E6540 laptop.

Within the first week I noticed that the fan kept spinning up to full speed for a period of time. 
I monitored the CPU usage whilst using my old machine during the day and even with no applications running the fan still kept running up.

I contacted Dell, and they advised me to update the BIOS which I did to A05, but the fan still kept running at high speeds for no reason at all.

I contacted Dell again and was advised to run the full diagnostics on their website, which I did and they did not identify/report any faults with the laptop, but the support engineer did say that the fan should not be randomly running at high speed when there are no applications running.

The only way I could force the fan to run up was to launch a website that had an embedded flash game in it, again I would not expect the fan to run up but it did.

I contacted Dell again and they arranged for the fan and motherboard to be swapped out. This happened last week, and initially everything seemed fine, however the problem has just happened again.

Is anyone else still experiencing this problem? and if so have you found a solution yet?

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