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Dell XPS 15 L502X Overheating issue


I've been reading a lot that this laptop is prone to overheating and fan issues. I think I have the same problem, but it is more complicated for me, as I run Ubuntu 13.04 and not Windows, so pretty much no support for Graphics from Dell or NvIdia (I had issues installing the drivers). Anyway, my laptop isn't under much load, RAM usage down to minimum and same goes for CPU. My fan keeps running at an extremely high speed, but to no avail. I can monitor that my CPU is running at close to 100 C which is pretty crazy for me. The other thing is that I am living in Germany and not in the US (don't speak much German). In this case, what sort of action would you be suggesting to me?
One additional thing, my laptop is no longer under warranty (it's now close to 2 years old), though it always had these fan issues which became worse in recent days.


Rishab Dhar

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