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RE: Inspiron 1520 only boots by pressing D + power button


I have an Inspiron 15z 5523 with the A05 BIOS on it, with exactly the same issue - the 3 keys (on the top right of the keyboard) light up, and nothing further happens. It only starts after I cycle power a few times (ranged from 2 to 10 times) with the D key depressed while powering it on.

From the FAQs, this model is not set up for a BIOS reset. One of the times, I did try pressing the "End" button while connecting power - and it went through lighting up the power button and the other keys - but no further.  

The above doesn't work in my case - the system flags an error while trying to install A05 again.

During start up, I managed to run the pre-boot system assessment and no problems were found.  Any help would be much appreciated!

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