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Inspiron 15r N5110 Sleep Issue

I just got my 15r a few weeks ago and as soon as I got it I noticed that when I tried to put it to sleep by closing the lid it would become stuck in a semi-sleep state (screen off, power light on, non-responsive, and it would begin to get very hot).  The only way I found to get it out of this state was by holding the power button until it turned off or pulling the battery.  

I recently replaced the standard hard drive with a new Solid State drive and thought that might fix it with a fresh install of Windows.  However, it was soon doing it again.  I began doing research.  The things I have tried include:

-  Going to powercfg -a through Command Prompt.  It shows that S1 and S3 states are available and S2 is not.  From my research, S2 is not needed for standard sleep mode.

- I disabled the webcam drivers.  This fixed it temporarily but the problem reappeared.  I checked and the drivers are still disabled.

- I uninstalled all drivers for Realtek.  Restarted the computer.  Then allowed Windows Update to reinstall the drivers.  This worked for one time before the problem reappeared.  

- Before I replaced the hard drive I was using it by telling it to hibernate instead of sleep when the lid was closed.  This worked but I do not want to have to hibernate it every time I close it since it takes longer on wake up.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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