Re: Dell inspiron 7520 SRT problem

Hi umair,

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the mSATA for acceleration on the system.

  1. Click Start button on the keyboard, type ‘CMD’
  2. Right click ‘CMD’ and run as administrator
  3. At Command prompt type in Diskpart
  4. Type LIST DISK you should see 2 Disks listed.
  5. Note down the correct DISK number for the next steps. On some systems mSATA HDD would be either Disk 1 or Disk 0
  6. Type SELECT DISK 0(Whichever is mSATA drive)
  7. It should say DISK 0 is selected
  8. Type Clean
  9. This should clean the mSATA HDD.
  10. Type EXIT and RESTART the system.
  11. Open the IRST application and try to enable the accelerator on mSATA.

Please let me know if this helps.