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Re: Dell inspiron 7520 SRT problem

Thanks Ravi for the prompt and perfect reply. It worked. Acceleration tab is available now.

I have a few questions though if you can spare some time.

1. I have used enhanced mode for higher acceleration since i am used to have an SSD in my previous laptop and normal caching was not impressive. Is this dangerous in case of abnormal shutdowns?

2. My most of the work is on vmware Workstation. Does this acceleration enhances my vmware related work as i dont need fast boot time rather fast vmware working? Or should i go for an SSD in place of my 1 TB HD?

3. If i go for SSD in place of 1 TB HDD what would be the BIOS settings and should Dell recovery disk work for transferring image from 1 TB to 256 GB SSD.

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