Re: Dell inspiron 7520 SRT problem

Hi umair,

Abnormal shutdown is not good for any hard drive on the system. mSATA hard drive is used for caching purpose, so that frequently used programs or instructions are virtually stored on mSATA partition as SSD are faster than the normal hard drive. mSATA drive uses the SSD technology to make the system faster. If you replace the normal mechanical hard drive with SSD hard drive the IRST technology feature would be nullified. However, to use the SSD on the system you will have to change the SATA operation mode in the BIOS from IRST to AHCI. You will need an operating system reinstallation disc to install it on the system. Using the Dell recovery discs will not work as the SATA operation mode is different with previous hard drive.

I TB hard drive should be accelerated.

I would advise you to repeat the steps to “Enable the mSATA for acceleration” on the system.

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