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M4800 and Optimus?

A few of my colleagues are now beginning to receive their M4800s now. Mine is coming in a few days, but after using their systems, I have found that even after updating everything, there is no graphics switching. Their configurations are all essentially the same, either a 4800MQ or 4900MQ with the K2100m and QHD+ screen. I don't see any hardware limitations (like the M4700 with IPS) that could disable Optimus.

I have asked order support and tech support but no one knows the answer to this question (does K2100m and QHD+ screen support Optimus?). If any of you have a configuration with these parts, and can tell me whether your system has Optimus or not, that would be great. Also if a Dell rep could confirm that the system either currently supports Optimus, will support it with a future BIOS update, or will not support it, that would be great.