RE: M4800 and Optimus?

Yes, I'd also be interested to know.

The M4800 is on my shortlist for my Latitude D830 replacement and the QHD+ display was the feature to get it there

However it should support:

1. Optimus

2. either the Intel AC7260 or the Dell 1550 WLan cards which support BT 4.0 and a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5GHz), instead of the useless WiGig of the unreliable 1601 card

3. a UMTS / 4G card.

I'd be willing to rip out the 1601 card and add the AC7260 and UMTS cards myself, if some Dell rep can tell me for sure that the necessary antennas are build in, even if the machine is sold with the 1601 card. For Optimus Dell would have to add support into the BIOS it seems.