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RE: M4800 and Optimus?

 Also if a Dell rep could confirm that the system either currently supports Optimus, will support it with a future BIOS update, or will not support it, that would be great.


  • What is the status of m4800 Optimus capability with the QHD screen?
  • What is the availability of Intel Wireless N 6xxx and/or AC/N 7xxx products with the m4800?

Given that lower level platforms that share the same hardware Intel HD 4600, nVidia K2100, and QHD screen support Optimus, I believe it to be a severe shortcoming on a flagship product that this is unavailable for no logical hardware reason.  The Optimus solution, per nVidia's whitepaper, is designed to use the IGP's display controller for output to the screen, so the IGP must be present on the signal path.  Why isn't it being used?

Even high power users like battery life. 

I've been waiting over a year to buy a Precision mobile.  Please fix these problems, and my money's yours.  The community has been quite patient.  A colleague of mine just cancelled his purchase due to the issues.  Does Dell really want to keep throwing away $2 grand at a time?