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Driver support for XPS 15z (L511z) ended?

Hello everyone, customers and operators. I am writing to ask about this fantastic laptop, hope to have a decent answer. I am surprised and disappointed that a product with only 2 years of life was decommissioned; also these 2 years have not been a walk for health. After his first year of life, Windows 8 was released and, let's be clear, the support to this new operating system has never been fully. We could talk about the tragic user experience offered by the touchpad; wanting to be more technical we could talk about chipset driver, bios, etc...In every way we are at the gates of 2014 and the latest drivers date back to 2012, the year in which Windows 8 was released. At this point I want to ask those with informations: driver support for XPS 15z is ended? Just a courtesy, I prefer a non-response instead of the "standard response".