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RE: Max Memory on Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) Touch

On with Dell tech support right now on this.......unimpressed with their tech support thus far.....on hold for 3rd time....gone through 2 (on the 3rd one now).....they kept asking for my laptop number.

The guy just told me that you can only install 8 GB Max (4 GB per slot).

Not impressed with the tech support.....all Phillipinos and their English is not that good. 

Had to give the service tag 3 times and my name 3 times.....what a pain. 

I think the 8GB  would work, but I am still looking to see if anyone has done it successfully. 

Not sure if it just means it COULD crash sometimes or if it means I'm out of luck if I try this.    Wish someone could let me know.  We have a Dell Inspiron 3521 (15").  Came with 4GB and I want to add an 8GB to it for a total of 12GB.

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