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RE: XPS 12 9Q33 HDMI Audio Issues

Finally figured this out. So, I'll post my resolution since there isn't a thing called Dell support and I've had no luck getting resolutions here on the forum.


1. Buy anything other than a Dell. Have had my laptop for 45 days, several support tickets and other support requests and not one reply to anything. If you are looking for a company without support responsibility, then by all means get a Dell. If not, go else where.

2. I had sure all drivers were up to date. Not sure if this actually helped resolve the issue but I uninstalled both the display adapter and HD audio device. This allows Windows to search for the best and up to date driver.

3. Ensure you have a HDMI cable that will work for your device. Not all HDMI cables are created equal. I tried three different cables and two of the three worked for my laptop. If you get video transfer from laptop to TV, then the cable probably will wok.

4. Lastly, the annoying process. You may have to restart your system each and every time you want a proper connection between laptop and TV. For me, video almost always displayed but no sound. Just by chance, I restarted my laptop and heard sound coming from my TV. After restart, I could get both sound and video with no problems. However, if you disconnect your laptop or go back to a PC only screen, you will need to restart your system to get video and sound through HDMI. Not sure why but that's the only way I could get it to work.