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Inspiron 14z WiFi drops signal

I bought an Inspiron 14z about 2 months ago. Mine has a Dell WiFi card, not an Intel one. I was aware that early versions of the model had WiFi connectivity issues, but mine had none for 2 months.

Now, all of the sudden, my laptop is dropping WiFi connections all over the place. It's worse the farther I get from the router, but it even happens close to the router. It is dropping signals in rooms where it previously connected just fine, and it is dropping signals when other laptops and even phones are connecting just fine.

What happens is that it will connect and show maximum or almost maximum bars. It will appear to hold a signal, but this will go out after just a few minutes, returning a few minutes later. Obviously, you can't surf the web that way.

It's very frustrating.

I've reinstalled drivers from Dell, restarted my computer and the router multiple times, and even reset all the settings to my router. The router is not the problem.

Anyone have any solutions?

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