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RE: Latitude E6420 Integrated Webcam Problem

Hi again! Thank you for your help so far.

1. Here is a screenshot showing the Device Manager, in which the webcam is clearly detected:

2-3. I've tried uninstalling/removing and then restarting the computer, in order for the drivers to be automatically loaded, several times, with no success.

4-5. I ran the diagnostics tool, and the webcam passed both tests ("Capture To Screen" and "Capture To File"). Noteworthy is that I saw a screen pop up during the testing, showing the camera's video capture. So, clearly the camera is working, but not in applications like Dell Webcam Central and Skype.

Could there be something else - besides another application running - interfering, and in turn leading to error messages like "Close the other video streaming application..."?

I am really clueless at this point...

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