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Laptop XPS17 failing to turn on. own a Dell XPS 17 (L702X) which is around 1.5 years old.
One night after watching a movie, i turned it off(Hibernate). It never turned on again.

I tried dell's technical support, and they said that my motherboard has short-circuited and i need to replace it.

When i asked, they suggested the following possible causes:

1. Bad earthing(ground)

2. Water damage

3. Over heating

I am quite sure about 1st and 2nd. I got my earthing checked and neither can it be water-damage.

My laptop does generate a lot of heat while gaming, and i always use an external cooling pad, with three fans positioned right at the input vents. I had never experienced any lag or performance issue with the heat.(

Also, i was just doing simple stuff the last time i used my laptop. No signs of any failure of even possible failures.

It just didn't start the next time.

1. POST is completing.

2. Unable to reach till BIOS options. System turning off within 0.5 sec after the DELL logo appears.

Please help. Even if i replace the motherboard, i want to be sure of the root cause, as it's quite expensive.


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