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Worst deal of my life :(

I want to share the biggest mistake of my life - buying the dell studio 1558 - some 3 years back. Ever since I bought this damn thing.. it never treated me good... I must have spent half the original price of the laptop towards buying the extended warranty for the product - as I am sure - the day the warranty is over - there's gonna be something happening to it.

I have had the vital parts replaced more than once, and still it heats up and I could literally iron a shirt with it's bottom - somtimes it feels like my thighs might get the burns from the bottom of the laptop.

After all these "attempts to keep it alive"... I somehow think the laptop I have is "one of those" defective pieces which everyone fears of ending up with while buying electronics.

I am really frustrated and feel indignant as a customer and want to reach out to someone who can do something about it - if anyone knows a "path to follow" .. I will really appreciate that.

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