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I have a dell inspiron 1525, it gets so hot it keeps shutting off every 5 mins.

I can use my laptop for a few hours with the 2 fan cooling pad before it starts to get warm, but it doesn't shut off. When i play some games on face book or watch videos from utube or anywhere it so hot it shuts off real fast.  The only way i can play the games or watch videos is to have the cooling pad and a standing 20in metal fan 6 feet away from the laptop and it never gets hot or shuts off, but the fan is loud and annoying lol. 

Never been to this forum nor am i sure i'm in the right place but if anyone can help me please i would very much appreciate it. Just so you know, i know nothing about laptops and especially when it comes to the specs and all that, i'm so bad with those things when i 1st got my laptop i was typing  at in the browser instead of @ and after 2 hours of  trying to figure why i couldn't get on the internet i called and had a funny laugh with my cable provider lol so please any explanations you can give please do it in laymen's terms lol.

I'm just looking for a good laptop around $400 to $600, the cheaper the better though, all i need it for is emails, all types of sports sites like CBS and ESPN and so on for fantasy sports but mainly for online gaming like Frontierville on facebook and a few other games. Thanks for any help and sorry for being long winded here 

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