RE: Inpiron 15R 5537 - Bad game performance or unability to Sleep/Hibernate?

Guys got the solution

I did this on my Inspiron 15R 5537 with AMD 8850M on Windows 8.1

1.Update the Bios version to A08 link :

2.Uninstall display drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller in SAFE MODE

3.Install Intel Graphic Driver from Dell ver link :

and restart

4.Install Latest AMD Mobility Catalyst 14.4 from AMD support site link :

and restart

5.Open CMD as Admin and type "  powercfg -restoredefaultschemes  "

6.Download and Open AMDEnduroFix_DX9 and click apply Fix and restart link :


no sleep/Hibernate problems and gaming performance is very good.

The name in Device Manger will be AMD R9 M265X but ignore it. Don't worry