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To few resolution options E7440 and E7240

We have multiple E7x40 model ultra books in use and we have the problem that when docked, the resolution is not good. The image is too big for the monitors. 

We use A E-port port replicator and one or 2 Dell Monitors. The standard resolutions are : 1920x1080, 1280x1024, 1024x768 abnd 800x600.

What we did find is that if you run c:\windows\system32\custommodeapp.exe you can add custom resolutions, but this means we have to do this manually for all the ultra books we are going to deploy....

Also we found that our old Eizo 15 - 17 "monitors are not able to show these high resolutions, the max resolution is 1024 x 768 and on 22" Dell monitors we have to put the text size on 100%

update: I have installed the latest BIOS (A07) with no luck. Also tried the graphics driver from the Intel site, but that driver is not valid. (you need to use the manufacturers driver.)

We have found a workaround, by manually installing the intel driver (newer version than the Dell driver) the problem is solved an you have more resolutions to choose from

is there another way (driver , bios update) to fix this issue?

UPDATE : The latest drivers fix this issue.

Thanks All

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