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Inspiron 17r SE 7720 Windows 8.1 battery issue

I've got my laptop set as dual boot and on the Windows 8.1 Pro side (the other is Windows 7 Pro) it says the battery is constantly at 73% charge and charging.

I've downloaded the drivers available, but it still says this, but on my Windows 7 side it says the battery is full. This has only happened a year and one day since I bought my computer (so the battery warranty is now a day out) so I'm a little concerned about the timing and if it's an actual hardware rather than software problem. 

Has anyone else had this problem? I've had a few teething problems with 8.1, so I'm hoping this is the fault and not some devious Dell plot to make me buy a battery a day after the warranty on it runs out.

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the dell boy
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RE: Inspiron 17r SE 7720 Windows 8.1 battery issue

I have seen the following cure somewhere along the line.

I had a similar issue , its not a fault , it's just the way dell software looks after the battery.

Make sure the laptop is OFF.

Plug the charger into the laptop and the power socket on the wall and switch the power ON so the charger is charging.

Now switch on the laptop.

Let it boot up fully.

Now pull the charger lead out from the socket of the laptop.

Wait a few moments.

Now plug the charger lead back in to the laptop.

And that's all there is to it , well it worked for me !

Now your laptop battery should fully charge .

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RE: Inspiron 17r SE 7720 Windows 8.1 battery issue

I can't believe that just worked!

I'd reinstalled quickset and bios at least 5 times, updated every driver in existence, and remove the battery from device manager 25 times while rebooting.

....i just unplugged it and plugged it back in and now it works. I haven't used this computer in months because of this <ADMIN NOTE: Profanity removed as per TOU>battery.

Thank you.

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