RE: New XPS 13 (9333) Constant Noise

I thank all of you for posting about this here.  Dell engineering is aware of this thread and are investigating your claims.

Heldenhaft has some good questions regarding if the noise is originating from the on board sound system or seems to be coming from some other source.   Do any of you notice if disabling the sound card makes the problem better or worse?

If the sound card doesn’t seem to be the problem, does the noise seem to be cooling fan related? Does the noise only occur after prolonged use of the notebook, or when the notebook is running under a heavy load?

Kuqiki posted that the sound is coming from under the keyboard, have all of you noticed this as well?

I will likely be sending out friend requests to you shortly so that I can get the service tags for the systems. Engineering may also wish to capture a system for testing at the lab. Please let me know if possible where the noise is coming from and if it is fan, sound card related or something else.




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