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RE: New XPS 15, 9530 WIFI issues.....

I have been experiencing this exact same issue without much luck to resolve it. I sent out my Dell system few days back and they replaced the system board and Wifi card which i thought was an Ostrich solution....meaning they really did not get to the bottom of the problem. Instead they choose to replace the WiFi card and thought it would resolve it. Apparently it did not. The problem from what i have researched on Google appears to be a driver issue and some possible incompatibility that possibly Dell will not acknowledge. 

Also some of the friends who have not reported this problem may not know that in the background they could be getting lost packets / packet dropouts which they may not be aware about. With packet dropouts, it makes the browsing appear to be delayed. I can sense that consistent delay in my internet browsing and can sense that something is slowing things down in the background even when the WiFi shows full signal and appears to be working.

So really there are 2 things here - 1) WiFi dropout issues when internet keeps disconnecting and you cannot connect to the Internet at all. This happens on start and wake up from Idle status. 2) WiFi packet dropouts when you feel like Internet is working but in the background there is packet loss and you apparently experience a subtle but noticeable delay in internet browsing.

I will post a further update based on what Dell offers to be as a solution. I have been with Dell long enough and would like to continue provided i see the type of support that one gets when things go wrong...From a user's perspective after having spend $2400, i certainly expect the gadget to work!! And if it was a minor issue, i would not have bothered about writing this post. Using this system 8-10 hrs. per day its a major concern for me to get a not so great browsing experience. i hope Dell resolves this issue.