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Problems with my battery "Battery is not Recommended"

I have a Dell XPS L502X laptop. Ive never spent so much money on a laptop before this, and the reason I did was because I thought the more expensive the computer, the better it will be. I have had nothing but problems with it. Ive had to send it to get fixed multiple times, costing me hundreds of dollars. Everyone warned me not to get a Dell, everyone I know tried steering me in a different direction, and now I understand why. When you need help, you cant even ask them a question without having to pay for it.

COINCIDENTALLY something always goes wrong immediately after my warranties expire.

This may just be the final straw, because if somethings wrong with it, I'm just going to smash it in a fit of anger and use my refund to buy a nice one.

Right now when I turn it on, it says "Warning: Battery Not Recommended for This System, the system will be unable to charge this battery. "

WHAT IS IT NOW???? If there isn't a way to fix this I'm trashing it. I've poured way too much money into this computer. I'm a single working mom, all I want is a laptop that works. I'm the only one who is ever on this laptop, and I only use it once every few days for work or school, it sits on my desk and doesnt move, yet I have more problems with this than with the $3-400 laptops I've owned.

So Dell, are you going to maintain your reputation for having <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU>computers and horrible customer service or can you actually help me?