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RE: My DELL XPS 15Z screen issue.

I have been working on the same problem for a bit now and,, MIGHT have found the problem. I have been installing chipset drivers 'newer' than the ones Dell released for the 15z in the installs. But I changed that and installed the Dell released Win8/15z chipset drivers, and the system has been working without any screen problem for some days now! Specifically, the install program asked whether to overwrite with the 'older' drivers, and that was done. The Non-Dell win8/15z drivers installed (for an 8.1 install) are the 525M driver from Nvida, and HD3000 graphics driver from Intel. I did updgrade to the 7260 wireless card in this unit, and the 7260 drivers from intel are installed. 'System level' drivers such as chipset, accelerometer, etc are ALL from the Dell W8/15z website. The change that seemed to solve the problem for me was the Dell provided chipset and basic hardware drivers. Still monitoring the results, but this has by far been the longest run without any screen hiccups.
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