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RE: Inspiron 15R N5110 Plugged in Not Charging


I am having the save issue. I also tried recalibrating my battery but to no avail.
Mine does not go above 6% now. Sometimes plugged in, charging, sometimes plugged in, not charging.

I bought mine in Jan 2012. Just after a year my HD failed. I have had this battery issue since November 2013 now. Not sure if its the adapter (part where you plug the charger into the laptop). Most likely its the battery. Extremely frustrating. I think my charger is perfectly fine.

On the dell Battery Meter settings, I selected Turn off Battery Charging. And then restarted my laptop. For the first time in 8 months, after a few hours i noticed it was 100% charged. But as soon as I took the plug out, it died within a few minutes. Now back to the same issue.

Hope Dell can help! Cheers

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