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RE: Bios A11 update for Inspiron 7520.

Yes....Win 8.1 is not a good choice for the hd 7730m. I have found that most of the stuff that was compatible with windows 7, is not in windows 8.1.

Been fighting trying to get answers on these forums for weeks. I have contacted AMD about the card, and they point there fingers at Dell and Dell Tells me otherwise. 

Using the card for basic computer functions-Is about all your going to get.

Using Card for a hand full of Games-Is a big Maybe.

The only programs I find compatible are programs, I do not care for using with the card. You can't even use the card to watch any BlueRays, or any media that came with the laptop.

It was advertised, as a discrete hd 7730M....Nothing about switchable graphics....OR thats how i seen it advertised???

I was told, that, I was wrong-and i should have done my research.There excuse"difference between discrete and dedicated.....HD 4000 is the dedicated and the HD 7730M is a discrete...And there is NO WAY, to rewrite the Bios to use the HD 7730M.( I really do believe that amd or dell, could rewrite the bios on the card or the board! When looking at the MB alone....You can see that the Card is in-bedded. CPU/HD 4000 has to be added.HD 4000 is apart of the processor.) "But You will lose that argument every-time.. "....They should at least, create software that would help us out????But all outdated....

Dont get me wrong, its a great laptop, but Man, I could have saved money and purchased the one without the discrete graphics. I went all out on this one, because of the HD7730M, ----1080 screen, 1tb drive, Msata 32gb ssd"IRST", and BlueRay Player....

Its a Huge Gamble on any program you purchase to use with the card...30% chance it will be compatible..

I stumbled on your post, when I stumbled onto the A11 Bios"not advertised, when I look up my laptop on Dell"

I seen that A11 is suppose to fix something that has to do with the Cards Samsung Memory??? Was hoping it would help make more things Compatible..

If you want to save some time and arguments-Take a peek at all of my previous Post....I got a little out of hand on the Muxless and Muxed Argument, But I was just a little irritated, about the fact...

Good Luck with your Laptop!!!!

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