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RE: Bios A11 update for Inspiron 7520.

I might have to give it a try...I hate bios updates on Dell, No way to revert them back if there not a fix.

Did you notice any before and afters? did you get smoother frame-rates? Every game I have played, that are compatible, play great!!! I didn't notice any difference in 7 and 8.1

I to tried every driver I could think of before settling with(with the Card)

2014.0417.2226.38446 CCC 14.4



Using Windows 8.1

I found the above CCC 14.4 was the best driver for this card. I got it straight from the AMD site, using there auto detect and install....AMD Fixed this driver for all the Cards like this.>Just need to make sure you get rid of all traces of the older drivers<before you install..

I really want to try this bios....Is it the Bios in the Link? Can you post back a little later if you notice any differences?

Thanks for the confirmation on the bios Upgrade!!!!

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