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Anyone manage to use miniDisplay -> VGA on XPS 15 L521x with Linux?

Hi All,

I have a XPS 15 L521x laptop which only has HDMI and miniDisplay outputs for video. Unfortunately I have to give lectures often where there is only a projector with VGA connector available.

When I try to use a miniDP -> VGA converter the computer detects the external monitor (actually as a second internal monitor) but does not send any video signal to it. 

I was wondering if anyone managed to make this setup work on Linux (any type of linux). I haven't tried it on Windows (don't have any) but I've seen in posts on the internet that this problem occurred also on computers that have Windows and where it works on windows. 

I have posted all the technical details on but to maximize the probability of finding help I thought I'd ask here as well.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

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