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RE: XPS-15 L502X Well-Known Problems

Great post, very helpful and also nice that you linked a lot of good links about this machine. I have bought also a Dell XPS 15" i7 2670QM with a Nvidia Geforce 540M. This laptop does give me problems also, it gets very hot with doing normal tasks somehow and I can't play games very well. Not sure whether it's the processor or the Graphics card/ GPU, but it was too expensive just to buy another power laptop at this moment. My warranty is not valid anymore, so any repairs will be charged fully when I am doing that. In order to get it at least faster I invested in a Crucial M550 1Terabyte Solid State Drive last weekend, it's fast now, but for the money it was not that much faster imo.

The screen and sound are awesome, can't complain about those really, but what really bothers me is that I can't get my Oculus Rift DK1 work on the HDMI port. It works on my normal desktop PC, but never worked on my Dell XPS L502 (even not when I manually changed resolution to a lower setting).

Not sure what to do now, I shelled out a lot of money for this laptop and another 366,00 Euros (like $ 420,00 I think)......I have been buying Dell laptops (Latitude, Inspiron, XPS) all my life really and now I am really confused if I should say goodbye to Dell (also what they ask for systems nowadays is truly out of order....same systems by Lenovo or MSI are almost $ 500,00 cheaper!! Oke, they provide very good monitors in the new Dell XPS laptops now....but for that price....and also it's not possible to replace battery' stupid. I bought this Dell L502X because you can buy SPARE battery's when working on location without netpower available.

I hope someone has a good solution for all other L502X users that ran out of warranty, I am interested. Maybe it's possible to replace the GPU for a better one? Not sure if that's possible even....but yeah....


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