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RE: XPS-15 L502X Well-Known Problems

I have had the same issue for years. 

Don't you DARE try to make this laptop your own by re-installing Windows, or you'll run into the freezebuzz issue when trying to update BEYOND their 2011 video drivers. I am pretty *** right now because I am tackling this issue once again. I have tried multiple times and multiple fixes.

The main issue is that when you try to update using Nvidia drivers, you get the freezebuzz in games after a minute or upon booting the game up.

I was finally able to make some progress in gaming by rolling back to NO driver, or using their now worthless video driver. I am trying to set this laptop up for the gf to play WoW. I get 15-20 fps on "good" settings. When I installed the first Windows 10 game ready driver performance in WoW was awesome! Leaps and bounds difference. The problem? It lasted about 5 minutes.

I have tried all fixes on Windows 7 and Windows 10. All have the same result.

I have also re-applied better thermal paste. Temps are ok. They aren't too high to crash. I can run multiple stress test programs at the same time and never freeze. I ran 2 different programs. One to stress the laptop period, and one to stress the GPU. With both of these running it never hiccuped. Once I start WoW. It is an instant crash, so I know 100% it is not heat. It is something they did to force you to use their drivers so you would be forced to buy more of their scammy laptops (conspiracy, maybe).

I have had MANY Dell laptops in the past. I recommended them at one point, but honestly, I think this is my last. 

If you ask for assistance they refer you to the expired warranty. I shouldn't need a warranty due to your old crusty drivers and laptop lockdown where I can't use Nvidia drivers.  Dell needs to offer a fix FOR FREE or lose a once loyal customer.

I have spent well over $10k on Dell as just a consumer. I think I have earned at least a driver update.