Adam Hosein
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RE: XPS-15 L502X Well-Known Problems

I have only theories to offer you guys, I have had me Dell XPS L502X for about 4 years now, it worked great the first 7 months, then came the periodic crashes to which I taught it was the game and not the hardware. It crashed in COD MW3 but not in BF3, that is why I taught it was the game and not the hardware. A few weeks later all games started to crash. It took about 45 minutes to crash, then 30 minutes, and gradually to the point where it would crash instantly. 

I have tried everything:



-Different drivers,

-Changing the thermal paste,

Changing the directX being used,

But in the end it crashed. The only way for me to use my GPU is to underclock and undervolt it; right now it is undervolted and running a clock rate bellow that of its stock clock, (what a waste).

The theory I have to offer are; it can either be the GPU chip itself dying (the cuda cores are going one by one), the VRM is degrading with each passing moment (which is my best take on the situation), the architecture of the chip itself is *** (since all GT540m and GT525m has this issue no matter the laptop), the circuitry on the board attaching the GPU is bad, the horrid workmanship in the assembling of the laptop led to some issue (such as the absurd amount of thermal paste on the CPU and GPU) or something is grounding off that not suppose to after having experienced some kind of wear.

All in all, Dell may or may not have caused the problem in the first place, but it is there laptop to fix and should have recalled it from the start. It won't be there first recall, so it won't be a new thing for them to do. I am not sure if the Dell staff even watches these post because this isn't the first post of this I have seen, heck I started one of these post 3 years ago. Many of my friends and colleagues have asked me which laptop they should get and to that I have always told them never a Dell as it is thee worst brand of laptop there is on the market. Then again who am hurting with this post, not like they aren't doing great with the other product lines. I really hope karma give them a good kick in the backseat for this one.