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RE: XPS-15 L502X Well-Known Problems

I also have  Dell XPS15 L502X. I bought it April of 2011.  I intentionally bought this model and got the 2gb GT 540M because I planned to game in the future.  Unfortunately I didn't get any games etc until after the warranty expired so I had NO clue prior to the expiration.  I played Diablo III and it was ridiculous to the point that I just quit.  I have Skyrim and play it for about 10-15 and I save and exit then restart the game to keep the temp down and avoid crashing.  The only way I have been able to do that is to go into the nvidia control panel and I set Skyrim to "integrated graphics" and the in-game settings are set to the lowest possible.  Seems I originally paid paid $2K so I could use a high performance GPU (nvidia GT 540M 2gb, not the Intel3000HD 1gb GPU)!!

If that isn't enough.... Anybody else fall for Microsoft saying your L502X was fully compatible with Win10? I sure did.  When I began having driver issues etc. I pushed on and searched for fixes and the ones I couldn't I just figured between Dell and MS it'd work itself out.  Well seems Dell has chosen to NOT offer ANY updated drivers for Win10 and MS offers no real way to go back to Win7 after the 30-day trial period.  So I now have NO WavesMaxxAudio!!  I have found a solution but it requires reinstalling the original quickset driver and I can't find my "drivers & utilities" disc that came with my PC (I mean ***, it was almost 5 f'n years ago) so I am scared to try the fix.

I have never in my life purchased anything besides Dell but as of this experience, I am done.  I have also been the deciding voice for PC purchases among my entire family and very many friends and I have always steered them towards Dell.  Just by recommendation and my family's purchases combined, I bet I've brought Dell well over $100K in business, but you know what? NEVER AGAIN!!  Dell is a large enough corporation that they should be fixing this stuff FOR FREE, we already PAID through the nose to get these XPS machines, making us pay for THEIR screw-ups is absolutely abhorrent behavior.  And if that's not enough, this is probably the tenth time (MS included about Win10) that I've said all of this, between begging Dell for 3 yrs to fix the GPU issue and now with the Win 10 debacle having to beg Dell and MS to please offer some reprieve, I am so outdone with them both I'd actually consider getting a Mac but I know that's no better.

This whole scenario is horsepoo and I assure the world, I will NEVER buy another thing that says Dell nor will I ever recommend to another person that they purchase a Dell, quite the contrary as I explain to them that they should buy anything BUT a Dell!!

The customer service, to date, has been pisspoor, there has been NO support on any of these issues, only the "runaround".  I am inclined to file a complaint with the BBB and I am also presently conferring with legal counsel as to whether or not I have a course of action and so far it looks good.

Worst part is, I don't know when they went wrong.  All purchases I ever made or was a part of from Dell from 1999 thru 2011 when I got this XPS (my 3rd machine from the XPS line at that, first laptop though) were fine, no problems, no complaints whatsoever, so the attitude of this "new & different" Dell was an extra slap in the face.

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