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RE: Buzzing/stuttering during audio playback on xps 13 9333

@Stvlwyer.... Fire up Task Manager.  Go to View => Update Speed and set it to "High" to increase the sensitivity necessary to observe the problem".  Display "Processes" and click on CPU to sort the CPU column to descending, high to low. Now fire up some music or what ever it takes to hear the problem.

Watch the task manager screen and when the "bzzzt" sound happens, you should see the responsible process or service pop up to the top of the process column.  Mine was the Delldatavault service, but I think you have already uninstalled that.  You will have to watch task manager for several minutes to catch and confirm the culprit. Also, display the clock such that it shows seconds. Then you'll know just when the "bzzzt" is about to happen as it occurs at exactly 60 second intervals.  

.... Don 

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