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RE: Inspiron 600m - Screen goes black, low light, bad inverter?

Thank you! Funny how I completely missed the manuals download from the support page for my PC. Downloaded all three.

Well I appreciate your response, it helped a bunch. Im probably going to go ahead and order an inverter, screen/backlight and while im at it a new keyboard too.

I bought two of these as parts computers to fix my original one because its screen hinges broke. Out of the other too, i mixed parts and had one fully functional. Except the screen started getting dim. Since I don't live next to a dell factory or warehouse. I just used parts from one of the parts computers I bought. I swapped the inverter over to the new build. And its been on for over an hour now. Screens still light so I think that solved the problem.

How long it will last im not sure, but it will give me some time and a reason to buy all those new parts.

p.s.  anyone have any recommendations for a computer repair tool kit. I need some better tools and cant seem to find the micro sized tools anywhere for a good price. Looking for tamper proof assortments, phillips, etc.

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