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Dell XPS 15 L502x buzzing and stuttering problems persist even after uninstalling Dell SupportAssist

So a few days ago, I (and some other number of people it seems based on this forum) started to have issues with my laptop buzzing and pausing at short intervals while watching youtube, playing music, or gaming. I was able to find a post on this forum relating to the issue which suggested uninstalling Dell SupportAssist and SupportAssistAgent. (

I proceeded to do this and everything seemed seemed to be working fine. The buzzing was now gonewhen I played videos or music; however, when I tried to play a game, the problem was still there. I've  already tried updating my drivers and I doubt the problem is overheating, since my computer  wasn't getting that hot.


If anyone could offer any help on finding a solution, it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.

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