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Issues with Dell Update and WIFI connections after Intel Proset update/install

Hello all,

I recently updated my Dell laptop (XPS 15 (9530, Late 2013)), which included some wifi adapter update from Intel. This update involved some new program called "Proset" which ends up taking over in Windows 8 as the wifi management program.

Ever since it was installed, my laptop has had network connectivity issues. It will only connect to certain networks, but particularly doesn't like ones where I need to login for internet access. I've had to disable Proset and use the windows default wifi manager, but I STILL have to use a public wifi I have available at work.

Additionally, since this last update, Dell Update had failed to connect to the internet every time I run it. Is this something in a setting I'm not seeing or a known issue with the Proset update?

Thanks ahead of time!

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