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RE: Headphones plugged in but playing through speakers

Hello. There are a few things you can try with the audio driver. These are in no particular order.

> Perform a simple re-installation of your IDT audio driver. If there is a mis-configuration of the driver settings, doing this will correct it.

  • Open the Device Manager. (Press the Windows key + the R key, then type devmgmt.msc into the Run box, then click "Okay".  Or you can type devmgmt.msc into the Windows search box.)

  • Next, expand "Sound, video & game controllers".

  • Right click on Realtek IDT High Definition Audio to open the context menu.

  • Click Uninstall.

  • Do NOT check the box "Delete the driver software for this device". Leave the box empty.

  • Click OK.

  • Windows will uninstall the audio driver. When you restart the laptop Windows will re-assemble the driver from the files that you did not delete, but the driver's configuration will be back to its default settings..

> Or download and install a fresh copy of your IDT audio driver from the Inspiron N5050 support page. If the files of your audio driver have become corrupted, doing this will fix it plus correct any misconfiguration as in the step above. Be sure to select your operating system in the menu before downloading the audio driver.

> If the issue still persists after the above steps, switch from the IDT audio driver to the Windows native audio driver.

1. Open the Device Manager (type devmgmt.msc in the search box and hit Enter).
2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "IDT High Definition Audio Codec".
3. Select to "Update Driver Software".
4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".
5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".
6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.
7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).
8. Click "Next".
9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver).
10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.
[To get back to the IDT driver,  do it again but reverse the names in steps 1 and 6.]

If the issue persists even with the native audio driver then it is probably a hardware failure.

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