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RE: Dell System Detect: There was an issue running diagnostics

You can actually run an ePSA diagnostic test instead.

**EPSA - Desktop:

Kindly turn off the computer first. Then turn the system back on and then repeatedly press F12 until you reach the Boot options screen.

Then at the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down Arrow> to highlight Diagnostics, then press <Enter> to begin test.

Please take note of any error codes it may generate.

**EPSA - Portable:

Please turn off the computer and press and hold <Fn> key on your keyboard and press the power button to power the computer on. Then release both buttons.

The PSA diagnostics sequence begins. Please take note of any PSA error codes it may generate.

If the system provided an error code, for additional support feel free to enter on Chat: www.dell.com/.../tagchange;l=en&s=biz

or Phone: 1-800-456-3355.


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