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RE: SSD disk upgrade - compatibility with Latitude E6420 - E6430

This is caused by the initial hard drive being installed as ahci drive not raid or legacy. It doesn't clone well to ssd drives. There is two extra hidden particians in Windows 8 onwards to support ahci and as a result Samsung magician doesn't do the trick. I ended up restting bios to ahci  andbooting from windows disk. There are ways around it but they are tedious. eg."

While in Windows 8, open msconfig.exe and go to the boot tab and check Safe Boot. Click Apply and OK, and allow restart.

 Boot back into the Bios and change the controller to AHCI. Saving the change which will cause your system to reboot.

 This time, let it continue the boot into Safe Mode. While there, Windows 8 will install the AHCI drivers. You can check the SATA controllers in Device Manger to make sure if you want. The drivers that were missing were now there in device manager.I didn't get any sort of pop up that the drivers were installed.

 Open msconfig.exe again and uncheck the Safe Boot box on the Boot tab.

 Reboot your system normally." quoted from another forum.