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RE: SSD disk upgrade - compatibility with Latitude E6420 - E6430

Thanks, ARUEHLOW, for your post!  I replaced a Samsung SATA3.0Gbps, 256GB SSD with an identical model in an E6430 and ran our UDS imaging process on it.  I hadn't checked the BIOS after installing the replacement drive (turned out, BIOS said "no primary drive").  During the imaging, my USB boot stick got formatted (effectively killing it as a boot device until I fix it) because that was the only drive the BIOS could see.  I recall, when installing the SSD, thinking it didn't feel like it was seating.  After finding this post, I checked and, sure enough, the connecting pins had slid in and missed the connecting ports, because I had the laptop upside down, which pushed the drive against the top of the bay.  Installing the drive with the laptop right-side-up helped it align properly.  With SATA mode set to AHCI, the imaging process is working normally.  Thanks again!  Saved me!