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Dell XPS L502x Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Drive not recognizing discs

I have a Dell XPS L502x laptop with Windows 7.  A few months back my optical drive stopped reading/writing discs.  My laptop was still under warranty so I got a new drive from Dell.  Now, my new drive is not reading discs all of a sudden.  I can't even run Dell diagnostics on it because when the diagnostic says "please insert data CD" and I insert a data cd, it keeps telling me to insert a disc and then the test comes back and says "no media" even though I inserted a data cd.  I've tried updating the firmware and it says the firmware is already up to date.  I've tried uninstalling the optical drive through device manager, shutting down and rebooting the system to have it reinstall.  Still no dice.  What am I missing?  Is there anything to do besides throw the computer against a wall?!  I'm very frustrated, especially since the drive is only like 3 months old, but now my system is out of warranty.

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